Wordpress CTR Sort - Best WordPress sort plugin

Wordpress CTR sort plugin - At last! A WP Arcade plugin that can actually INCREASE your CTR and earnings by simply just activating it! The WP Ctr Sort Plugin has been especially developed using an advanced algorithm to sort and show your games and posts by CTR which increases your sites game plays, page views and of course your earnings! Developed by leaders who really do have their pulse on the Arcade industry, the WP CTR Sort Plugin calculates which games are most clicked on based on their positions, views, ratings etc, turning your dull and static arcade into a lively and dynamic arcade! Make your site look fresh and always have the best, most played, most clicked through games show on the index, categories and tags so your page per visitors increase. The CTR Sort Plugin will reflect the trends in game plays on your WP Arcade site getting you more plays in turn and earning you more money. There are 2 versions of this plugin, first the lite free version which takes 2% of your clicks and then there's the premium version. The premium version gives you 100% of the clicks. If you have latest Arcade Pulse or Frizi Arcade themes installed plugin will work out of the box. For other themes you will just need to add couple lines of code(instructions are available when you install and activate plugin.


  • CTR Sort - Increases your Click Through Rates and overall earnings!
  • Fresh content - Turns dull, lifeless static arcades into thriving dynamic arcades.
  • Plug & Play - Works on any WordPress Arcade with any WordPress theme.
  • Fast - Very light on server resources + encoded with IonCube for MAX performance.
  • Versatile - Not just limited to arcades - can be used on any WP site, photo blogs etc.
  • A.I. - Specially designed using advanced calculation algorithm.
  • Configurable - Modification settings page lets you tweak settings to your site.
  • My Arcade Plugin - Our plugin is built to be 100% compatible with MyArcadePlugin.
  • Free - Free and premium version - free version takes 2% of clicks.
  • Smart - Excludes spider visits and counts real user visits/plays only.