Arcade Pulse - Best WordPress Gaming Theme

Arcade Pulse - WordPress Arcade Theme at its Best! For a FREE WordPress arcade theme you cannot find any better than Arcade Pulse. We're not bragging, but we know this is without doubt the best free WordPress arcade theme you can use on your arcade. With years of experience in the online arcade industry, we've tried and used tons of free and premium WP arcade themes which we'd modify and add features into. In the end, we got fed up with not having or having to add the features we wanted so we went ahead and built our own WP arcade theme and this is it! We've added all the best features and options and removed the unwanted stuff to provide a slick, fast loading, amazing looking, user friendly online gaming theme that you, search engines and your users will come to love, bookmark and return to every day to play your games on. The original Arcade Pulse gaming theme is fast and 100% responsive no matter what device your users visit on they'll have a great experience and find all the things they need to enjoy playing games for longer. Just check out the demo and some of the Highlights and Features below and find links to download and install this theme for free on your arcade and watch your stats and earnings skyrocket!


  • Truly Responsive - Your theme will intelligently adapt itself for any resolution. No matter if you have desktop players or mobile players. They get the same great experience!
  • 10 Color Choices - Change the color of your site on the fly to suit your mood or to match the type of site you have. Pink for girl arcades, blue for boys, red, green, yellow etc..
  • Speed Optimised - Combined with a caching plugin it near perfects your Google PageSpeed score which will improve your SEO ranking and earn you more money.
  • Easy Customisation - Quickly and easily change the look & design from theme options or the included PSD file. We'll even help do that for you if you need.
  • Social Friendly - Integrated Twitter links and Facebook Like Box and option to use either regular or Facebook comments promotes engagement and social activity.
  • Dual Thumbnails - You can choose to show big or small thumbnails on the homepage depending on what your preference is. We prefer small but you can go large!
  • My Arcade Plugin - Our themes are built to be 100% compatible with MyArcadePlugin with all features enabled so you don't have to worry about conflicts.
  • 100% Free - 100% free today and 100% free tomorrow. We love our theme so much, we decided to make it FREE for everyone to use and enjoy. How bonkers are we!